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Meet our Boss Bae!

We know we have many NEW Subscribers so we would like to take the time to introduce our own BOSS Bae and give you a little background on Tsiona foods Story!

Tsiona foods is a gourmet Ethiopian Food Production Company with a goal of making the best tasting products using only the finest authentic ingredients that remain true to the Ethiopian traditional cuisine.

Tsion Bellete, the founder of Tsiona Foods, began packaging Ethiopian gourmet foods in small batches from her restaurant kitchen in 2014.  Her restaurant, Sheba Ethiopian Restaurant, conveniently located in the city of Rockville, Maryland, quickly became a favorite of the locals for its long-simmered flavorful Ethiopian dishes, perfectly cooked with the best, and freshest ingredients, accented with authentic spices.  Serving delicious and authentic Ethiopian food to her customers was both Tsiona's passion and inspiration when she ran Sheba Ethiopian Restaurant.

Her deep rooted passion for culinary creativity and the enthusiasm of her customers, family and friends inspired her to reinvent the well known Ethiopian vegan stews in a dry form (DIPS), so that not just her restaurant clientele, but everyone, could enjoy the traditional Ethiopian cooking in the comfort of their own homes.

Never one to remain idle and wanting to share more of the Ethiopian food she grew up with and loves so much, Tsion added five different flavors of lentil and yellow split pea dips, She Re-Invented the traditional Injera (Ethiopian-Flat-Bread) from it’s soft & spongy consistency to an airy, zesty and crunchy snack - Injera Crisps/Chips), to Six delicious flavors options. Also added Vegan Stew Mix's, Authentic Ethiopian Spices, spice Blends, Legume, and Coffees to the Tsiona Food Production.

The demand for Tsiona Foods products quickly outgrew her restaurant kitchen and Tsiona Foods now operate out of a state of the art licensed food processing facility in Rockville, however it still remains true to its humble beginnings by continuing to produce her foods in small batches using nothing but the finest authentic ingredients. ​We are proud to have Tsiona Foods Products in many Chain Markets, to mention few - Whole Foods Markets, Mom's Organic Market, Dawson Market, Rodman's, Streets Cafe & Market, Bethesda Co-OP, The Fresh Market, and many more local Ethiopian Grocery stores.

Please Spread the word... and tell your family and friends about our company and products. Also, please follow us on FB, IG to get the latest news...

We appreciate your continued support!

Tsiona foods

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1 comentario

27 ago 2020

Hi Tsiona, Congratulations on your success and your great products! My name is Mary and my husband and two children were regular visitors at Sheba when you were the owner. My children L&D are doing well and growing so much! We regularly buy your mixes, dips and chips, and we all have our special favorites. In fact, we were wondering if you would consider selling the spice mix you use for the spicy red lentil stew separately? The combination is perfect for sprinkling on popcorn, which is a favorite snack. Thanks!

Me gusta
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