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Updated: May 30, 2018

Hello Everyone! It’s a daunting idea to write our first BLOG! With what voice and how do I transmit my passion? Tough, right? But I will try…

My name is Tsion Bellete and I am the founder of Tsiona Food Products. Growing up I always had a passion for cooking and backing. At a very early age, I started cooking with my mom for our family of 10. The love affair I had for cooking turned in to a dream of one day opening my own restaurant.After contemplating with the idea, I decided to take a leap of faith and Opened an Ethiopian restaurant in Rockville, Maryland known for its long-simmered flavorful ethiopian dishes, perfectly cooked with the best, and freshest ingredients, accented with authentic spices it soon became my clients favorite Ethiopian Dinning place. Serving delicious and authentic Ethiopian food to my friends, old and new customers became both my passion and inspiration for my next move! I quickly learned how vegan and gluten free foods were on the rise, it was the perfect timing to introduce delicious, exotic Ethiopian Dips, Stew mixes and snacks for everyone to enjoy from the comfort of their homes. To find Ethiopian Gourmet food in Fine grocery stores shelves was my dream!, So I decide to act on it and made it my mission and started Tsiona Food Products, We soon started packaging Tsiona Foods Ethiopian Gourmet Food. I still have the "Pinch me please" moments when I see Tsiona Food products on the shelves of many great retailers such as Whole foods Market, Mom's Organic Market, Dawson Market, Rodman's Market, Glen Garden Market and many Ethiopian Grocery Stores. I am forever thankful and count my blessings for the support everyone has given me.

To find Ethiopian Gourmet food in fine grocery stores shelf was my dream! so, I decided to act on it... I started Tsiona Food Products ... We started packeting Tsiona Foods Ethiopian Gourmet Food. I still have the "pinch me please" moment when I see our products on the shelf's of Whole foods Markets, Mom's Organic Markets, Dawson Markets, or Rodman's Market! I am forever thankful and blessed for the support everyone has given me.

At Tsiona Foods, our goal is to make the best tasting products using only the finest authentic ingredients that remain true to the Ethiopian tradition and that you can be proud to share with your family and friends. Sharing good food with the people you love — there just isn't anything better than that!"Thank you for your support!

Tsion Bellete

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