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Updated: Jan 30, 2020

To call our TSIONA FOODS Injera Crisps addictive would be putting it mildly. If you search recipes on how to make Injera Chips online you will find many different recipes, many different versions… But we think our own Tsion Bellete, Owner of Tsiona Foods Products has Nailed it, her recipe is just Perfection!!

Tsiona Foods Injera Crisps

These crisps, are made from pieces of the Ethio­pian flatbread injera, and they are the BEST NEW THING!!! They are Flavor Packed , Airy, Crispy, and Crunchy snacks that you can’t stop eating… simply put,  they are addictive!

Tsion Bellete first made the crunchy bites at her restaurant in Rockville, Maryland. Bellete’s love for cooking and experimenting with different flavors got her Re-inventing the traditional Injera (Ethiopian Flat Bread) from it’s soft & spongy consistency to an airy, zesty and crunchy snack. She added the crisps as one of the menu items serving it with brown lentil dip hummus style and saw the demand grew and her restaurant clients loved it... and they where ordering it to GO!.

Bellete knew she was onto something. Eager to bridge the gap between injera and chips, she tweaked, and tweaked her recipe to perfection! by reducing fermentation process, lowering the sour flavor, upping the smooth nuttiness and allowing for a lighter, crispier texture to perfectly mimic the basic profile of a chip/crisp.

But that wasn’t enough for her… when she saw that the Injera Crisps was being LOVED by so many, Bellete knew she needed to do two things...

One - add different Crisps flavors and now offers four varieties : Spicy, Mild, Cinnamon Sugar, and Sea Salt & Garlic. Each variety is made from a combination of wheat, barley and teff flours; Bellete is working on the Gluten-free crisps coming Soon!

Two - Package and sell them.

Tsiona Foods Injera Crisps now retails at Chain Partners Grocery Stores, Small locally sourced Gourmet Stores, many of your local Ethiopian Grocery Stores in the DMV area, on Amazon and online at

There are many ways to Injera Crisp up your life?

Spicy Add some spicy to your life!, enjoy them with a glass of wine or to Zest up your soups, salads or pasta dishes!

Mild Enjoy them as the perfect snack alternatives of Fries, tortilla chips or potato chips, in a salad or by the hand full straight out of the bag, like we do!

Garlic & Sea Salt Wake up your senses with our flavor packed Garlic & Sea Salt Injera Crisps. You can dip 'em - in Tsiona Foods Dips, in hummus - salsa - or whatever other dip rings your bell. You can munch 'em - right out of the bag - by yourself or with your family.

Cinnamon Sugar Enjoy these decadent Crisps with a bowl of Ice Cream, Steaming mug of Coffee, Chai tea or Straight out of the Bag, like we do!

So we say… Watch out Pita Bread, Watch out tortilla Chips… Injera Crisps is here to STAY!!

Simply visit our retail Partner stores & get your CRISPS Fix!! You can find Tsiona Food Products at:

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2 comentários

24 de abr. de 2021

One of the nurses just brought some in to work. I am in LOVE. These are so dang good. I will be ordering multiple containers. Bet on that.


Yadel Tab
Yadel Tab
27 de mai. de 2020

it’s to much salts

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